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Wetplateportrait of Thomas Holm. Photo: Michael Tonsberg
Portrait of Thomas Holm made on Wetplate collodion Photographer: Michael Tonsberg

I'm Thomas Holm a former advertising and commercial photographer, having made a living photographing pretty much everything for about 20 years.

Around year 2000 I bridged into color management (that’s all the tech-stuff that make colors come out right on screens, press, prints and then some). 

When I first started with photography in my teens it was a hobby and I took pictures because I couldn't help myself. I loved taking pictures of models, shooting portraits, landscapes etc. and have spent countless hours in the darkroom developing film and making prints - just because I liked doing it. 


Sculptural fine art nude image of model on a box. Photo / Foto: Thomas Holm
Model: Louise

I see beauty everywhere. And often when I see something truly stunning I feel a desire to capture the moment. I also adore beautiful women of course and have always gravitated towards photographing nudes. Shooting nudes in an artful way is somewhat challenging (more so than most would think). When you strip away clothing you are left with only the body/composition, facial expression and light whch is challenging and, to me, therefore interesting.

 I like to think I use my camera as a way to allow others to see what I see through my pictures.



Model: Zoi

Nudity is natural to children but we as a society impose on out young that it is not right once they grow up. Many people in todays society are alienated from nudity and impose a sexual meaning to it, perhaps because they are only exposed to nudity in pornographic images. But nudity is not inherently sexual, it’s how we were born, and we sexualize nudity by making it a taboo.

I'm obsessed with beauty and I’m striving to create pictures which are not only beautiful but are also interesting to watch. I can't help watching how light fall in various environments and especially on the human body. The variety is almost infinite and this is a factor I really like to work with in my pictures. But first and foremost I’m trying to tell a story with my images and infuse emotion. I create my images (create not capture) to be exactly that; a story, perhaps a fairytale or maybe a sculpture. I edit/distort/modify images (and models shapes) to underline my view of beauty, and direct attention where I want it, just like a magician doing a sleigh of hand. It may be trickery, it may not be real but it hopefully leaves you impressed, amused or entertained if for a short while after viewing it.



Model: Ekaterina Krarup Andersen

I like to make pictures which, in Norman Rockwell's words, are 'slices of life'. My favorite locations are in nature and in urban environments.. Since I travel a bit  I often end up staying in nice hotels, and many of the rooms are well suited as locations for photography.

I love working with natural light if at all possible. It challenges my senses and often I end up discovering a new amazing angle, or the light falling in a particularly beautiful way which I could never have planned in advance and never recreate again. 



Model: Jane

Well, Art because I love to make artistic nudes, more popularly known as Fine Art nudes. I also have a certain Commando approach to shooting. I work with a minimum of equipment most of which can be stuffed in a backpack. I plan but then improvise when the plan falls short. But this is not where I coined the name…
 Going commando is the practice of not wearing underwear. The term may be related to the much earlier term "going regimental", which refers to wearing a kilt military-style, that is, without underwear - according to Wikipedia. So the site titel is really a 'pun' on the idea of making 'not wearing undies' into art. 

Tacky - I know...

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