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Bush or no bush

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This week I've had the pleasure (and I mean this literally) to be involved in the discussion of two models pubic hair look, for a shoot: Most Danish models are averted to wearing fur and prefer to go bare. I don't really have an opinion either way - until we talk images. The bare look makes it harder to make pictures that appera more "innocent" where a small wisk of hair both increases the contrast of the pubic area, offers some interesting possibilities with light and shade, but importantly also obscures the genitals slightly. 

And thus it's fantastic fwhen you get a note from a model asked which kind of hairstyle I'd prefer for the "carpet". Whether I wanted wilderness, raceway, landing strip or bare. If you must know we decided for a triangle, slightly trimmed from the sides and not too long. 

Yes it takes dedication and preparation to be a model.

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