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'Virgin' nude model

There can only be one first time for everything including nude modeling. 
At one of these "virgin" sessions the model brought a friend as it can be a bit intimidating baring it all in front of a stranger - and this is fine of course. I asked the the model why she wanted to be photographed in the buff. "Well, I'm normally really shy and timid, so I'm hoping this will help me loose a bit of the shyness. Also I would really like to have some beautiful pictures of myself and I liked your pictures a lot". Flattery is always nice of course, and 10 minutes later she was naked and running around the studio without a thread and enjoying it fully, radiating confidence and energy. And I mean radiate! 

After a couple of hours and a lot of nude photography I said "I simply doesn't believe you are normally shy". Both the model and the friend said in chorus, you'd better believe it - VERY shy! I asked her what was different here at this session compared to normally? Model said, well I know Her (girlfriend) intimately we're old friends, and you, eh, you somehow just doesn't count. I can tell when you are looking at me, you're looking and seeing me differently than other men, very intense, but well, not in a way that makes me shy…"

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