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I did a session with an agency model a few weeks back while visiting a foreign city. I like to shoot in hotel rooms and use the available light and interior if at all possible. It makes things a bit more challenging but also forces me to work differently with the setup than in a studio session. Anyway I did 2 sets with just the available light from a lamp equipped with low energy bulbs and the bathroom lights. I was shooting with my fantastic little Sony NEX7 camera, which compared to most Canon and Nikon cameras looks like a toy. 

On the third set I broke out the light: a Speedlight and a silver umbrella and a reflector/diffuser panel and we proceeded to do 2 more sets with this. I could feel the model being a bit restless (read anxious) and she asked if we could look at the pictures on the computer together. After seeing the raw images she was flabbergasted and admitted she had grossly underestimated me, based on the small camera (smallest one she had ever seen a photographer with). Even before editing she said it was some of the best pictures she has ever had, and sure enough they are currently plastered over her model page. 

The morale is it is not the equipment that makes the pictures, and it's very hard to judge someones abilities based on their equipment. Happes all the time though...

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