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Empowerment and photographers

Many of my friends are a bit envious on my ability to spend countless hours accompanied by beautiful, attractive (nude) women. And they are absolutely right to be envious but not for the reason they think. 

Obviously I love women and find great pleasure in observing a beautiful body (and most bodies are really). Most men would I think. And I adore toe oportunity to be able to create beautiful images with these gorgeous beings.

But what people should feel envious about is the oportunity to withess the empowerment and freedom I see when shooting with women. I did a rather large shoot a few days ago where I had 6 models (was supposed to be 7 but one cancelled at the last moment). All were naked modt of the time and it was completely natural, and it is so obvious that the women grow, mentally, by being able to just be naked without it in any way being a seksual setting, but rather an oportunity to be naked with others, looking at each others bodies, appreciate the differences, but really just be natural, free without any judgement.

The feeling I get when I experience this empowerment in women is priceless! And this I think is not a small part of many photographers reason for shooting nudes.

And it is such a pity that society in general scourn nudity as it really represses many women, make them hide their bodies away, and thus make them think everyone else (in the media) is beautiful but they themselves are not. 

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