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Being Shy or not

When shooting models without clothes it's rare that they are shy, towards the photographer. Depending on the experience of the model there may be the initial moment when they have to bear it all (which inevitable when shooting nudes) but after this for most models there seem to be a state of liberation coming over them. When you sit around and chat the models tend to cover up a bit as it just seems weird to being naked and chat with a clothed photographer. But when walking around the set nakedness just seem very natural to everyone. Oddly enough when models are then changing clothes (lingerie or a top say) many prefer to change in private. And if for some reason someone other than the photographer or assistant walks on the the set, most models are every bit as shy as the next girl and will quickly cover up or hide in the bathroom. Why is it that a model can be completely naked and without much inhibition to one bloke they have often never seen in their life (how has a camera) but at the same time extremely shy to someone else who they have also never met?

Not all models are like that of course, some are exhibitionists pure ans simple and when put in an environment where it's natural, they just be naked. Period. If someone happens to come by, they will often make it a point so try and shock the innocent bystander a bit with their nakedness. I've had my share of messengers who have beed dumbstruck when tasked with delivering a package, and upon entering the studio is greeted by a nude model in 5 inch heels asking where to sign for the package. The look on the poor/lucky messengers face is priceless...

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