The 4th Eros Awards 2016 | | Thomas Holm

The 4th Eros Awards 2016

Open Competition, 4 categories with each Gold, Silver and Bronce medals.


1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronce medal and 16 other finalist images

Gold Medal (1 st. place), Model: Naya Memedova

Silver medal (2 nd. place): Ballerina Benita Bünger

Bronce medal (3 rd. place): Model: Roarie Yum

FInalist images:

Model: Jane

Model: Marsha

Model: Faith Chu

Model: Jane

Model: Zandra

Model: Mette Munkø

Model: Janni Jønsson

Model: Rubia Stri

Model: Rubia Stri

Ballerina: Benita Bünger

Model: Amanda Alicia

Model: Fanny Müller

Model: Denisa Strakova Official

Model: Danielle Drachmann/Modelbooking

Model: Marsha

Model: Ifa Brand

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